Entry #1


2013-07-19 08:56:14 by katbu

Welcome to my page!

Wow, what can I say about myself in my very first post here? I've been acting for a while but relatively new to voice acting. I love anime, video games, and LARPing. I've made my own webshow about LARPing too (www.youtube.com/user/theplayercharacters)

On Newgrounds and Voice Acting Alliance I have booked 2 machinima roles in significant roles, 1 machinima sketch, and 1 awesome flash animation project. I've been extremely lucky in this regard. I'm very excited about all these projects and they are super fun to voice! I'll be posting about them here as they are released.

My limitations: I'm a vocal medium range actor and I have a limited supply of accents. But I'm working on it. I have a busy social calendar. My soundbooth is a blanket fort.

My Studio: Blue Snowball Microphone with Pop Filter

Thanks for checking me out! My voice demo will be up shortly. :)


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