DUSK: A Halo Machinima

2013-08-11 23:40:49 by katbu

A few weeks ago I auditioned for a short drama Halo machinima series called "DUSK" for the Interrogation Officer. It was supposed to be a small role that didn't have a specific gender attached to it in the casting call. I auditioned because I assumed (correctly) that mostly men would audition for it and figured that even if I wasn't cast, I would give casting something different to listen to.

A few hours later I received a response from Seismic Media that they wanted to bump me to a main character! Captain Kate Monroe <3

I want to thank James of Seismic Media for taking a chance with me based on the small audition I did and give me such an awesome role! THANK YOU! I'm so happy that I was able to take part in this show.

Today the first episode of DUSK has released. All this week on Seismic Media's youtube they will have the entire series air AND they will have podcasts about the show in between each episode release.

Please take the time to watch! It's only a few minutes of your life for each episode and I highly recommend sticking with the show until Episode 3.

You can find the first episode here: http://youtu.be/nsaMELjINdc

DUSK: A Halo Machinima


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2013-08-12 00:31:22

Congratulations on your ultragrand achievement! :3

katbu responds:

Thank you! :D It's super exciting for me since it's the first project I've done that has released.


2013-08-12 03:33:00