GASP! An update!

2014-02-22 11:07:35 by katbu

Lots of news! Life has been pretty hectic but I wouldn't have it any other way.

  • Completed production of Alex Finch: Monster Hunter #1 audiobook through Available Soon
  • Cast as supporting character Desiree in a zombie apoc radioplay called Dead on the Horizon. Find me in Episode 2!
  • Completed the scratch track for the character Yoko in a cartoon pilot called Happy Tuesday
  • Returned to reprise my role as Seera Goggletop in The Lockhead Journals radioplay. Find me in Episode 6!
  • Cast in Heroburg as Slither. Pre-production 
  • Filmed three short films: Red Skies, Mythos, and Hunger
  • Completed a new voice demo to showcase a few new voices
  • Landed a full-time job with benefits! YAY! Best part.. I'll still have plenty of time to do voice work!



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2014-02-22 11:11:12

That's quite a good life you got there.

katbu responds:

Thank you! several months of work looks impressive.. and then you get dry spells :)