Update! I'm alive!

2016-08-17 10:30:16 by katbu

I've been working hard diving into audiobooks and other steady voice work for a while. As a result, I let my presence on Newgrounds slide. But I'm back to actively working on here. I look forward to making new friends and finding new projects to voice.

Feel free to PM me if you have an animation or game project you're seeking voices. I can do mid-low to mid-high range of female voices, young boyish range and more. :)

Living with Lolly

2014-05-08 20:15:39 by katbu

Super excited to see the final product of this pilot I worked on. I play Lolly!

Living with Lolly is full of fanservice, sci-fi, gamer jokes, awesome music, and great voice acting!

Check it out here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/638890

GASP! An update!

2014-02-22 11:07:35 by katbu

Lots of news! Life has been pretty hectic but I wouldn't have it any other way.

  • Completed production of Alex Finch: Monster Hunter #1 audiobook through acx.com. Available Soon
  • Cast as supporting character Desiree in a zombie apoc radioplay called Dead on the Horizon. Find me in Episode 2! http://youtu.be/buRiBDLgmDY
  • Completed the scratch track for the character Yoko in a cartoon pilot called Happy Tuesday
  • Returned to reprise my role as Seera Goggletop in The Lockhead Journals radioplay. Find me in Episode 6! https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-storm-ride-cast/id630944141?mt=2
  • Cast in Heroburg as Slither. Pre-production 
  • Filmed three short films: Red Skies, Mythos, and Hunger
  • Completed a new voice demo to showcase a few new voices
  • Landed a full-time job with benefits! YAY! Best part.. I'll still have plenty of time to do voice work!


Hey~! Welcome to an Update. Whee~!

2013-11-06 09:19:16 by katbu

Working on a lot of quality projects and haven't had the chance to update in a bit. Whoops!

DUSK: A Halo Machinima was screened at London's MCM Expo and had a panel as well! I wasn't able to make the panel but I sent along an audio message for all those that came to it. :)

Lately, I've been working on an indie cartoon pilot called "Happy Tuesday" and I'm looking forward to showing that to everyone. We just finished Pick-ups! I'm crossing my fingers for a late winter release.

Sketches, another indie cartoon I'm part of, will begin production in December! Yay~!
You can find the animator On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Constipated-Samurai/115625671831806
On Deviantart: http://constipatedsamurai.deviantart.com/?rnrd=21558

Lastly I've been involved in a radioplay, set in the World of Warcraft, about a "film noir" type detective called Edgar Lockhead. It's called the Lockhead Journals. I play a funny little gnome named Seera Googletop in Episode #4 (but fun tidbit, I will appear in Season 2's first episode!).

You can download the Lockhead Journals here: http://stormridecast.libsyn.com/webpage/category/general
Find them On Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Lockhead-Journals/359443354191325
Find them On Twitter: https://twitter.com/LHJournals

Since I'm linking everyone, please also be sure follow me! :)

DUSK: A Halo Machinima

2013-08-11 23:40:49 by katbu

A few weeks ago I auditioned for a short drama Halo machinima series called "DUSK" for the Interrogation Officer. It was supposed to be a small role that didn't have a specific gender attached to it in the casting call. I auditioned because I assumed (correctly) that mostly men would audition for it and figured that even if I wasn't cast, I would give casting something different to listen to.

A few hours later I received a response from Seismic Media that they wanted to bump me to a main character! Captain Kate Monroe <3

I want to thank James of Seismic Media for taking a chance with me based on the small audition I did and give me such an awesome role! THANK YOU! I'm so happy that I was able to take part in this show.

Today the first episode of DUSK has released. All this week on Seismic Media's youtube they will have the entire series air AND they will have podcasts about the show in between each episode release.

Please take the time to watch! It's only a few minutes of your life for each episode and I highly recommend sticking with the show until Episode 3.

You can find the first episode here: http://youtu.be/nsaMELjINdc

DUSK: A Halo Machinima


2013-07-19 08:56:14 by katbu

Welcome to my page!

Wow, what can I say about myself in my very first post here? I've been acting for a while but relatively new to voice acting. I love anime, video games, and LARPing. I've made my own webshow about LARPing too (www.youtube.com/user/theplayercharacters)

On Newgrounds and Voice Acting Alliance I have booked 2 machinima roles in significant roles, 1 machinima sketch, and 1 awesome flash animation project. I've been extremely lucky in this regard. I'm very excited about all these projects and they are super fun to voice! I'll be posting about them here as they are released.

My limitations: I'm a vocal medium range actor and I have a limited supply of accents. But I'm working on it. I have a busy social calendar. My soundbooth is a blanket fort.

My Studio: Blue Snowball Microphone with Pop Filter

Thanks for checking me out! My voice demo will be up shortly. :)